Sheine Ite ("Beautiful girl" in Yiddish) was created by singer Jenny Liebkind in 2011 to bring together her Finnish roots and her Jewish soul. The result is a beautiful, multicultural mix of styles and languages all coming together effortlessly.


Sheine Ite uses ancient Ladino poems and Finnish folk songs to create new and exciting world music. Their music is influenced by sounds from all over the world but uniquely centered in the Nordic and Jewish heritage. The Jewish influences come from the Middle East, Spain and Eastern Europe. Ladino is a music style and genre of the Spanish Jews.


They won the Audience Prize at the International Jewish Music Festival 2017. The jury fell in love with their unique mixture of Nordic and Jewish sounds.


" I had a need to somehow create music that expresses my Finnish roots and Jewish soul. I found that these two cultures are so close to each other with their melancholic melodies and dramatic ambiance."